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Top 17 Customer service/BPO interview questions of 2020

Tell me about yourself

My self Sunil , I am from Pune.

I am pursuing my under graduation in Banking from Pune university

I did my Higher secondary Board with 72% & High school from State Board with 75%.

My Hobbies are playing cricket, I am also passionate for music and teaching kids.

My Strength is to work independently, Good leadership skills, Flexible to any kind of situation.

My Weakness is not be comfortable until I finish my work in the given frame of time & over-friendly in nature.

My Short term goal is to get the hired in reputed organization .

My Long term goal is to become more efficient and knowledgeable personality and to be on a respectable position in my company.

That’s all about me!

Thank you very much for providing a great opportunity to present my self.

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customer service executive interview questions

1) What is Customer care service?

Customer care service is all about the customer and the service that is given to them. The job profile of a customer service representative is to build a relationship with the customer. The primary responsibility of a representative is to make sure that the customer’s experience with the company is pleasant and satisfying this helps to improve the overall reputation of the company.

2) Which qualifications do you have for this job?

By raising this topic, the interviewer is expecting two aspects of qualifications.

  • Qualifications acquired from a college setting
  • Experience in the customer service department.

It will assist them to decide how suitable you are for the position for a customer service job. Reply what is true and do not give false statements.

3) What are your thoughts on a typical day in a Customer Service executive’s life?

Below are the job profile of customer Service executives-

  • Answering telephone call
  • Solving customer’s problems
  • Dealing with overlooked payments
  • Helping customers with appropriate information
  • Help customers to choose the best

4) What do you do in the circumstances when you don’t know the questions answer?

The important thing here is to be honest. Particularly if you are managing a difficult product or service and do not have much information about the product.

Reply stating, “I don’t know, but allow me some time I will present you each details of this product”.

Alternatively, you can also ask the customer to permit you to call them back with the appropriate information.

Or else you can say “I am not 100% sure on that, but let me cross-check with my managers and get back to you”.

5) What will you do when your colleague is behaving disrespectfully with the customers?

You can say “It all depends on the situation, how long the colleague has been working with the organization. If a person is new, you should talk to them and advise them to keep more professional approach”. Nevertheless, If you feel that this is frequently done, you can notify your team manager.

6) What is more important – good products or friendly service?

Both are equally important because excellent product always sells, and friendly and fast services regularly helps to make this job simpler.

7) Are you a team player?

Always say that you are a team player and you enjoy working by being a part of team. Also, you can talk about the team you had worked in before.

8) What is “Customer Satisfaction”?

Every company depends upon the quality of the service given to the customer.  For that, you should have a fair knowledge of the customer’s need and their issues. In Customer service department you should think from their point of view to meet up their needs and requirements.

9) Brief about your experience with a frustrated customer. How will you handle it?

Every customer service agent encounters the issue of frustrated or abusing customers. You should say “I will remain calm and will give as high level of service as possible.”

10) How can you use customer’s feedback to ensure company excellence?

This topic is raised to know how will you developed and enhanced your sales process skill. Feedback is normally taken for training, post-sale events or other process enhancements.

11) Think about the organization that has given outstanding customer service, and describe why you like it?

You can discuss your recent experience like ‘I have recently visited the store of <company name> and employee of the organisation saw me looking confused. Their employee was helpful and walked me through the various materials, durability, and also recommended the size that might work best for me for buying shoes. I was influenced by his personalized guidance.

12) What kind of Customer service tools you are aware of?

To give proper Customer service, one should be good at:

Email:  It is very much crucial for any customer care agent to know how email works. It is also vital to know using CCs, email groups, email templates,drafts and out of office messages.

Phone:  The individual should have the capacity to hold a discussion with a customer and to fix their problems over a phone call. This professional also demands to be multi-tasker as he/she needs to keep on communicating with the customer and also looking up their order information.

Live chat solutions: Experience with live chat enables you to hold multiple conversations.

CRM tools:

Understanding of CRM tool is necessary for customer service job as it enables you to look up previous contact history a. It will definitely helps if you know how to use CRM.

Social media: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are some ways of connecting to targeted customers and offer your services to them.

13) Are you will to work for 24*7 job?

You can answer “I know the Job in the Customer service field will always demand to be flexible with working hours. If the company offers 24/7 customer service, I am up to work at any time of the day”.

14) Tell me an instance where you helped your previous organization to increase revenues?

Answer should be-

The representatives of an organization not only work for his benefit but also for the benefit of the organization. It can be done by simply achieving sales targets and making clients satisfied with the product and service given by the company. In my previous company, I saw frequent calls about backup solutions. I suggest an idea to bundle backup solutions. This worked very well also I was been appreciated by company.

15) What are your weaknesses?

“Every individual has some weaknesses so I am not an exemption.” Still, to get customer support job, you avoid mentioning things like aggressiveness, skills or fear of speaking to somebody.

16) Will you lie for the company?

I have strong morals. I will not lie to sell or cheat customers for any company even if this takes my job

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